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Getting Started

Here we cover the basics on how the platform works. How to setup your community and everything in between. 

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Getting Started

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Threads and Multi-threading In Java

With these steps, we will dive deeper into understanding Threads in Java in this blog.

  • What are Threads in Java?
  • Java Thread Life Cycle
  • Main Thread of Java
  • Multi-Threading in Java

What are Threads in Java?

When you use your phone, you may be viewing a video or checking messages while waiting for the music to download, or you may be using many programs at the same time. This is known as multithreading, and each program runs on its own thread.

A thread in Java is the smallest independent unit of a program that is produced and controlled by the java.lang. Thread kind.

Let's move on to our next topic, Java Thread Life Cycle if you understand what a thread in Java is.

Java Thread Life Cycle

When we construct a thread, it has a lifespan, which means it can only exist in one of the indicated states at any one moment. These are the states.

  • New
  • Runnable
  • Blocked/Waiting
  • Terminated

Main Thread Of Java

In Java programs, we have the main thread by default, which is represented by the main function. The code in the main method is run sequentially by the main method. So, when you execute the application, the main thread is automatically established, and it is also in charge of executing shutdown procedures. All of the other child threads rely on the main thread.

Assigning all jobs to the main method or thread may cause our software to slow down due to a long-running process and may... (More)

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