The most consumed raw milk types come from cows, sheep and goats. Organic Pastures’ raw milk products are from unprocessed milk which can be get from Milk Company In Chennai, and it is whole, and living, with all of its probiotic bacteria. It is not pasteurized, homogenized, or otherwise altered. 100% Pure RAW.

Here are 5 scientific health benefits of raw cow milk. Raw milk was not pasteurized or homogenized.

  1. Raw Milk Is Packed With Nutrients
  2. It's a Good Source of RAW Protein
  3. Raw Milk Benefits Bone Health
  4. Helps Prevent Weight Gain
  5. Raw Milk Is a Versatile Ingredient

What Is Raw Milk?

Raw A2 milk came from cows but also goats, sheep, buffalos or even camels. Many products in the market use raw cow milk, including cheese, yoghurt and ice cream. Approximately 3.4% of Indians drink raw milk every day.

The Benefits of Raw Milk:

Raw milk is a complete meal, It is a natural food containing more amino acids, antimicrobials, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids than pasteurized milk.

It is a better choice for those with lactose intolerance, asthma, autoimmune and allergic conditions.

Pasteurization was first introduced in response to an epidemic of bovine (cow) tuberculosis in the US and Europe in the early 1900s. An estimated 65,000 people died over 25 years from contaminated dairy (6Trusted Source).

However, most of these claims are not backed up by science.


Nutritional content in raw cow milk is higher than pasteurized milk when cows are fed with natural... (More)